Skirmantas Mackevicius is an IT Engineer, traveller and photographer based in London. Natively Lithuanian, Graduated IT in Kaunas University of Technology in home city Kaunas.
Most of life lived in home city Kaunas. Last 5 years before moving to London, lived in beautiful Vilnius, capital of Lithuania.
For those not too familiar with small Lithuania, would shortly describe it as green and land of lakes. And OK, having a good beer too..
I live active life with a lot of hobbies and activities - such as cycling, running, yoga, traveling, listening to music and others. Love challenges, during which enjoying new experiences and changed environments. To me, challenges and exploration are my drivers - without them life would be too gray. Trying not to avoid challenges, sometimes even try to provokate them to happen, raising new experiences and surprises.

I try to use my time and facing opportunities well, create new ones. While looking at everything a bit philosophically. And with smile in my face. Believe negative things that inevitably happen are good lessons and investment to the future.

Think life does not spare us wonderful moments - all we need to do is be curious, look with our eyes widely open and to experience them.

Enjoying to share my life's Beautiful and Exciting moments via photography and blogs, articles.
Love one quote I've read - "Photography is a way to show things as you can see them".
I feel so Excited participating in this process of doing photography and showing things to others!

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