Beautiful Conversation (Communication) is about LISTENING. Listening is fulfilling - it expands or even changes your knowledge, views. And that's a good chance for a companion to allow to say what he wants to say, being listened. And listened properly, not just pretending listening. The companion is not talking in wain - tells with a reason. And needs to be respected and again, listened. Having a proper two-way conversation is a quality conversation, showing your communication skills, maturity, and how you appreciate your companion that can even be your love. Then listening to that person is even more important.
What happens with a narcissist companion? He or she actually never listens, just talks about his or her things, achievements (or doesn't talk, just does), cause for a narcissist the most important person is him. Your things are not important for him, actually you are here just to be proud of the narcissist and entertain him. Almost never asks about your things how you are doing, what are you doing and what you will be doing, no big wish to support you. Your feelings are also on the second plan, if at all. Honestly doesn't care of you much and even if talks, that is because it is "needed" and helps him in some way.
In conversation you will never get to some common views, differences, something new, will never get respected if not agreeing. That's just about what the narcissist thinks and that's that, because the narcissist thinks he is special. The narcissist will be insulted, overreacting if you disagree, will blame everyone, will never show he is partially or even completely wrong. That's because he thinks or wants to show he is just perfect, in his own thinking he needs to be perfect. Most likely the narcissist "learned" to be like this from childhood, parents broke his personality asking to be good or even the best.
Would you like to have conversations where you either agree, or come to where you started? Obviously not. So what happens, conversations that lead to nowhere just stop happening, silence comes. You just realize conversations going nowhere and are just doomed. You are simply not important for him, the most important opinion is his and he is "right".
Make sure you double think if your companion or even your love is not a kind like this, because you will never have fulfilling conversations and relationships, you will simply won't be happy. The narcissist will even start fighting with you with no clear reason, manipulate you, will be showing his arrogance again and again, more and more. With no clear reason you will be feeling bad, disgraced. That's a big personality disorder that is simply toxic and destroys your personality. And narcissists are good manipulators, you will get so confused that you might start thinking the problem is you. They will never admit their issues and try to be the most important persons no matter what.
Dealing with a narcissist is demanding. It's possible to help him to get out of this, but like an alcoholic or other addict, the narcissist needs to admit the problem and understand that others want to help him. And that hardly happens, like with other addictions or psychological disorders. That would be a hard work with yourself but that's the only way to get out of this suffering. And this is not just the narcissist is suffering, people around him suffering as well. Others' personalities can even be destroyed PERMANENTLY - this is what psychologists tell.
Again, think twice if you want to deal with a narcissist, watch if you don't see signs of this disorder in your relationships. More likely, the most clever solution would be just to walk away. But again, other ways are possible, depending on where narcissist wants to go, maybe change. Or just stay where he is denying the problem.
Either way, everyone have one life and they decide. Others can just do their best to help.

Article by: Ski
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